Terry Lawson Photography

I was born and raised in Alberta.  Surrounded by its beauty made the decision to become involved in photography very easy.  There are no shortages of amazing photo locations in this Province.  We live in a vast expanse of forest, big sky, wide open prairies, snow covered mountains, clear blue lakes, animals, birds, insects, old homesteads and cityscapes.

I am a self-taught photographer and am continually learning the art. Many hours have been spent practicing photography and how to accurately represent what I see through my lens.  For me photography is about peace and contentment.  It’s about the beauty and silence of nature, compassion for the past and appreciation of the urban space.  It’s about placing myself in these environments to gain an understanding of how I fit in this beautiful world.  It’s my way of escaping from a fast paced world full of responsibility and stress, to places that allow me to be “in the moment”, where I am calm, at peace and surround by beauty.  My goal is to share these experiences so that others can also be in that “moment” no matter where they are, and be inspired by nature, our past and the excitement of the city.

I have many passions including family, nature, music and friends and to be in a place where I can experience those passions and capture the feeling in a photo is amazing.  I love my life, love my family and friends and love what I do.

To put into perspective the direction of my photographic journey, I provide the following quote from Guy Tal

“A distinction I do not particularly care to earn is "award winning." One of the most pervasive and harmful effects of competition is the mindset that it is more important to strive to be better than others, by the arbitrary opinion of someone else, than to simply make yourself into the best that you can be. It implies placing greater importance on how others perceive you than on the personal rewards of creative work, and to bind your perception of your self to such opinions rather than to trust your own. In that sense, it is relinquishing control of your own self worth and enjoyment of photography, handing it off to others for the small chance of a short lived moment of fame.”

I use a Nikon D7000 camera and three lenses: an 18 mm to 105 mm, 18 mm to 70 mm and 70 mm to 300 mm Nikon zoom lens for all of my photos.

Welcome to my world as seen through the lens of my camera